Spacin’ - “Empty Mind”

New York has Hip Hop, Detroit has Motown and now, it looks like lo-fi rock has found its home in my hometown of Philadelphia. A couple of weeks ago, I brought a new jame by Purling Hiss; today, we’ve got “Empty Mind” from Spacin’, off their recently released album Deep Thuds.

It shouldn’t be too terribly surprising that I brought up Purling Hiss in the intro to this post - I mean, the whole Philadelphia point aside. Mike Polizze, the frontman from Purling Hiss, originally hails from the band Birds of Maya, which also features Jason Killinger, who fronts…wait for it…Spacin’. Did I just blow your mind?

No? You all already knew, and I’m just horribly misinformed about most things involving indie rock? Makes sense. Regardless of my ignorance of the whole subgenre, I feel like I’m at least on the money when it comes to the quality of music. Spacin’ brings to the table what I’ve come to expect from any worthwhile lo-fi rock group: poor sound quality, crunchy guitars and somebody’s spouse on the drums. This time, it’s Killinger’s wife Eva, and she doesn’t suck. Your move, Meg White. 

- Sean